In 2012, my husband and I were caught up in a bit of a tussle with our local municipality, when we found out the hard way that the four backyard chickens we had were against the local bylaw. When they told us we needed to find them a new home – pronto – we immediately set out to change this silly Bylaw and a year later, in February 2013, we met with success! Council officially adopted a new bylaw, allowing residents to keep backyard chickens on less than an acre of property. To our surprise the new bylaw also included a section about urban beekeeping. We were excited and relieved that we could keep our chickens, but what’s this about bees…..honeybees? Interesting.

Since that time, we have taken courses, joined a local club, worked with a mentor who is AMAZING and our apiary has grown to 7 hives – we are up to our ears in bees and loving it! My Husband now makes and sells hive boxes, frames, solar wax melters, inner covers, outer covers, bottom boards, full nuc boxes…. you name it, he makes it.

We also have learned the importance of mite management along the way. We sell oxalic acid vaporizers which have quickly become one of our more popular products, and can be ordered online.


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