What the!?!?!!?

Follow-up to my previous post.

On Monday night, I opened up our hive, located the Queen and realized what I was about to do, was in fact a mercy killing. Her rear leg was actually only 1/2 a leg, making it impossible for her to effectively make her way around the frames, or even hang on properly. I thanked her for her service, and then did the deed. A new Queen was on order and we picked her up last night.

The Adventure Continues

Our adventure to re-queen our Canadian hive hit a small snag….when we returned from picking up our new Queen, only to open up the hive and find…a QUEEN!

What the?!?!?

So now we had two hives, and three Queens. We began to panic. How on earth did our hive have two Queens in it? The interesting part is that we both recall searching for the Queen the previous week when we suspected there was something wrong, and we located her, to find she was lame. Then out of nowhere, we swore we saw another Queen, but she disappeared quite quickly and after lots of searching we never saw her again, and after awhile we chalked it up to our lack of experience and there was no way the hive would have two Queens. Was there?

Ultimately we were wrong, and this colony in fact had two Queens – living on the same frame in the single box. So now what to do with the new Queen we just purchased? We called a beekeeper who lives nearby and asked him for advice. He generously offered us five frames of bees, so we quickly got some hive boxes together to assemble a third hive and we went to his home to pick them up.

When we finally arrived home we made space beside our two existing hives, put everything together and introduced the Queen to her new colony. Hopefully within a few days they will have accepted her and she will soon take charge of her new colony.

New Queen Bee introduction, to our unexpected hive.

New Queen Bee introduction, to our unexpected hive.




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