We finally have bees!

Three weeks ago, on National Honeybee Day, we got the call. Two Nuc’s were ready for pickup. Finally!!!

The hives of choice were Canada and South Africa (nothing wrong with a little friendly bee rivalry between a husband and wife is there?).We were lucky enough to have a local beekeeper offer to come and help us hive our new bees – out came the burlap sack, scissors, propane lighter, smoker, suits, tools… my parents even came over to watch the setup. Before we began he gave us some very valuable advice.

  • Have all your tools ready to go before you start.
  • Go to the bathroom before you suit up!


Honeybees in Nuc.

Honeybees inside the Nuc – waiting to be transferred into their new hive.

Everything was handled so calmly, the bees really didn’t seem to be bothered at all. The transfer of frames into our new boxes took about 1/2 hour, with all of the instruction and so many pointers along the way. We found the queens in each of the colonies, however to my disappointment, they are not marked – it takes a sharp eye to spot them in amongst all of the activity of their respective hives, which is sure to prove challenging.

We are grateful we had an experienced beekeeper on-hand to guide us during this first crucial step. Our bees are now enjoying their new homes, buzzing about our neighbourhood, and returning with pockets absolutely stuffed with pollen.


Nucs and our new beehives.

Two Nucs of honeybees ready to transfer into their new homes.


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