The Lucky Beekeeper

Well, after weeks of anticipation our free beekeeping equipment finally arrived in the mail. Yes, you read that right – free equipment. I feel like the luckiest beekeeper ever!

It all started when my husband (a PhD in Applied Mathematics) became a moderator on a web forum. He spent hours doing this, days, weeks, months! Evenings and weekends found him consumed with answering questions and making his way up the moderator ranks. I admit I became frustrated at this, because not a lot else was getting done. He was glued to his laptop. I used to call them his ‘virtual friends’. Well, one day, all his hard work paid off in an unexpected way, when a group from New York contacted him, asking for help with a product they were developing.

This was the start of a great working relationship and he eventually flew to New York (from the West Coast of Canada), to assist with a product launch. One of the persons involved had dreams of becoming a beekeeper – he took a course, bought all the equipment… and then along came a baby, so his beekeeping dream didn’t get a chance to take flight. He then made my husband an offer he couldn’t refuse. If we could use the equipment, it was ours! All brand new, still in sealed packaging and boxes. He would even ship it to us for free!

So here we are, with inspector jackets, various hive tools, brush, gloves and a smoker – delivered to our doorstep.

I Heart New York!



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One thought on “The Lucky Beekeeper

  1. You are a lucky beekeeper! Congratulations!

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