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Painting the Beehives.

As my husband was busy building the supers, I had plenty of time to consider how I would paint them. I am not a particularly artistic person, so spent a lot of time online, searching for photos of beehives for something that would hopefully inspire me. I found an abundance of fancy and elaborate hives out there, but nothing that really got me excited about the task.

What ultimately inspired me was a photo of a beehive in Germany. This person had embellished their hive to look like a classic German house, complete with cuckoo clock and window boxes, it was amazing. The concept got me thinking – my Father was born in Germany so I could paint a hive that celebrates my ancestry. Here the idea of painting my hives as flags was born – I am Canadian, with German heritage. My Husband is South African with Dutch heritage.

I’m a tad bit of a perfectionist, so if I was going to paint flags of the world, I wanted the colours to be accurate. Next I was online researching for the correct pantone colours for each of the four flags, and asking the paint store to exact match the pantone colours – it took a full day to for them prepare eight cans of paint. Three different shades of red, two different shades of blue, two different yellows, white, black, green…. I was ready to roll. Literally.


Beehives built, primed and ready for paint!

Phase one was priming the hives with a grey tinted primer. I was not looking forward to it because a) it was going to smell, and b) two coats three hours apart and there were a LOT of supers. I’m also impatient. I just wanted to get some colour on these hives!!

After the priming was complete I was ready to paint. But was I? I had NO idea it would take so long. The yellows and reds took so many coats of paint I almost lost count. There was so much taping involved (huge thanks to my Husband for pitching in and taping the intricate designs of the Canadian Maple Leaf and the South African flag) – tape for one coat, take it off, wait for paint to dry – tape for second coat, take it off, wait for paint to dry… over, and over and over…for every colour. It was ridiculous! Who’s crazy idea was this?? But – each day I could see the colours start to take shape and I knew they were going to turn out exactly as I had hoped.

Beehives painted like flags

A long way to go yet, but they are starting to look like flags!

Finally after three weeks of painting, my job was complete. I am so happy with how they turned out.

Beehives Painted Like Flags

After many nights, weekends and endless coats of paint, my beehives are finally complete – flags of the world.

Our next step will be to get all of our equipment (blog post coming on that experience soon), and next we’ll get bees! Three weeks and counting!


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