Building the hives.


Making the first cut.

After I purchased a starter hive box with some basic frames last summer, my Husband got the big idea to make his own hives. After all, they look simple enough, and he has ALL the tools. Simple right? From that moment there was no stopping him, and before I knew it the basement was full of sheets of pine, and the table saw was working overtime. The project was slow to progress over the winter, however, with Bee Season fast approaching here on the West Coast, time is now of the essence.

Thankfully he is a mathematician and knows his way around a power tool, the hive boxes rapidly came together, the frames were pumped out like a production line and the box joins are meticulous.

We now have stacks of hives, filled with frames and foundations piled up in our basement. My Husband has been spending his evenings at a beekeeping course to broaden his knowledge and prepare for getting our first hive (or two) of bees! I on the other hand, am busy preparing these new hives to paint. I’ve got some good ideas, but it is going to be a LOT of work.

Finished boxes ready for paint.

Finished boxes ready for paint.

Assembling the hive boxes.

Assembling the hive boxes.

A stickler for details.

A stickler for details.



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