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How to Meet a Beekeeper.

After we decided that the Beekeepers Association wasn’t for us, I was beginning to wonder where we would meet beekeepers willing to share their experiences. I specifically am interested in local knowledge from people raising bees in our West Coast climate. Who does one talk to, to get good, solid, local information?

Earlier this month, I went to a local feed/tack store, which has a great selection of beekeeping supplies. My intent was to pick up a few starter items as a gift for my husband, to start him off assembling his first hive. I stood there for some time looking at the confusing array of items to consider – suits; queen excluders; supers; frames; tools, you name it, they had it and I had no idea where to begin. Then, in walked a customer, a beekeeper to be exact. We struck up a conversation, and he kindly provided a lot of helpful information. During this time, another customer arrived and joined the conversation…and just when I thought that things couldn’t get any better, in walks the owner of a local honey bee farm,¬†Babes Honey!¬†Suddenly I had the undivided attention of three experienced beekeepers and an opportunity to ask all kinds of questions!

Our first hive purchase.

Our first hive purchase.

When all was said and done, we spent about an hour talking and I received so much information that I can’t possibly remember it all. They helped me pick out a super and set of pre-made frames, and advised me on what kind of queen excluder to get.

So now I know. If I need any questions answered, I’ll just head to the Beekeeping section of Buckerfields. If I hang around long enough, the answers will just come to me.

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