Continuing to Learn.

Even though we were disappointed following the highly anticipated meeting, we’ve been doing our best to continue to try to connect with people experienced with beekeeping in our area and learn as much as we can, even though we don’t actually have bees. Yet.


Trying on a beekeeping suit.

Last weekend we went to a friends home and met with an ex-beekeeper. He hauled out all his old equipment, which included tools, suit (which my husband just had to try on), extractor, and old hives – we’re talking well-used, un-salvageable hives. I almost wanted to take them home because they looked so cool!

He loaned us three books: Honey Bees – A Guide to Management, Beekeeping – The Gentle Craft, and Beekeeping – A Complete Owners Manual, as well as a large file folder full of his personal notes and brochures he’d collected over his years of beekeeping. Of course I am interested in reading the volumes of information, but I find myself quite distracted as I leaf through the papers. It only dates back to the mid-90’s, but a large percentage of the notes are typed handouts from courses or seminars. These days, I’d have all that information bookmarked in my browser. There are catalogues full of bee equipment – Bee Suits for $49.00, Little Wonder Extractor M00396 for $265.00 that can be found online today for $417.00. I’m tempted to fill out one of the order forms and mail it in… see what comes of it!

Our next step will be to buy equipment – we know what we need, we just need to get it and set it up. Then if the opportunity arises that bees become available, we can jump on it.

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